Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Your emotional health is just as critical as your physical health; indeed, it ties directly to your physical wellbeing. Invest in your emotional health and reap the rewards in all aspects of your daily life.

Holistic Help for Stress, Anxiety and Depression™


Many of us were dealing with stress, anxiety and depression, which has escalated with the stress of the Covid19 restrictions. Now, even those of us who are usually okay are feeling the effects of what’s going on. Changed routines, social distancing, money issues, our health and that of our families cause stress which accumulates faster and climbs higher than ever before. You may be feeling so overwhelmed you don’t know if you’re coming or going, or you may just feel paralyzed.

The resulting depression from feeling so overwhelmed makes us just want to stay in bed with the covers over our head and avoid this day... this life, as long as possible. Believe me, I’ve been there.  Darkness descends and seems to blot out any sense of  peace, happiness or hope. Although there are many causes of depression, anxiety and stress are known to be big contributors.

We are holistic beings. body, mind, emotions, and spirit all need to be acknowledged and nurtured.


We are designed to share time and space, with touch being imperative to wellbeing. Because my desire is to help create and nurture this wellbeing, I've assembled all my Holistic Healing training and experience into customizable packages for you and our community. 


These specific holistic services are known to have identifiable, positive impacts on all aspects of our body, mind and emotions, through their calming, relaxing effects. When we become more relaxed, our brain is soothed, our emotions level out and pain levels are lowered, helping reduce or resolve anxiety and depression. Those things that felt so overwhelming before will seem much more manageable.

All the services I offer have been a part of my journey to wellbeing and are in my self-care routines. They are also known to have scientifically supported, beneficial results. 

Holistic Help for Stress, Anxiety and Depression™
Services are less than 1 hour and available in the Radiance Wellbeing studio or online via Zoom Meeting
(No software download or account required for Zoom appointments by PC or laptop. You will need a webcam, if using a PC, since most monitors don't come with it built in. Laptops will already have built-in webcam.)
**All sessions are performed fully clothed, with the exception of Reflexology, where shoes and perhaps socks, are removed. 



Studio Sessions Offer:

  • Accupressure w/ Reflexology

  • Guided Relaxation

  • Chair Massage

  • Sound Therapy

  • Breathwork

  • Reiki


45 minutes - $55.00

Online Sessions Offer:

  • ​Guided Relaxation

  • Breathwork

  • Tapping


30 minutes - $40.00