Grief to Grace™

Your emotional health is imperative for your physical health and wellbeing; investing in and learning to nurture your emotional wellbeing is one of the most life-changing decisions you can make.

Grief to Grace™ Yoga (Coming in May 2022)

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Grief, regardless of the cause, can stop us in our tracks, causing feelings of deep loss, disconnection, sadness and anger. We not only have those feelings in our heart and soul, we also hold those feelings in our bodies. What if there was a way to gently release those feelings, in a safe space, using them to create purpose, love and meaning in our life?


Grief to Grace™ Yoga is a gentle, restorative program that uses yoga, movement, breath and sound to assist in the release of emotional and physical pain and suffering. We don't "get over" our losses, we alter our relationship with them, gently and with self-love, allowing them to be integrated into our lives.

Grief to Grace™ Yoga is a place to let go of anxiety and tension, creating space for a new sense of peace and relaxation to enter. It is a place where yoga, breath and sound helps us meet ourselves, where we are.


Grief to Grace™ Yoga is available as an individual program or part of a group, depending upon your own personal preference.  Please call, text or email for more information so you may begin your journey towards acquiring grace, peace and happiness in your life again.


Sessions are once a week for six weeks.

Package of Six Group Sessions: $65.00 per person

Package of Six Individual Sessions: $300.00 per person