Mary Ann Walker, LMT 
Licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia: Massage Therapy
Certified: Integrative Reflexology, Sound Therapy, Hypnotherapy


Licensed Massage in Roanoke, VA
  • EDUCATION:  Alpha School of Massage and Skin Care in Port St. Lucie, Florida

  • CERTIFICATIONS: Integrative Reflexology, Sound Therapy, Hypnotherapy

  • TRAINING: Lymphatic Massage for minor pathologies, Raindrop Therapy, Zero Balancing 

  • CONTINUING EDUCATION: Yearly classes to retain and expand current knowledge base, Webinars for specific issues as they occur in individual sessions

  • EXPERIENCE: Private practice since 2011

My first exposure to massage was in the early 90’s at a Healing Fair where I experienced a massage for trauma release. That led me to massage for physical injuries, then to Reiki, Sound Therapy and Hypnotherapy. All the services I now provide were used first by me for my own healing, physically and spiritually. Experiencing these benefits, personally, I chose to learn the craft and offer the same potential benefits that I experienced to others.

My massage therapy education was at the Alpha School of Massage and Skin Care in Port St. Lucie, Florida. It was the premier massage school in a 3 county area for over 25 years, with small class size and instructors who were actively working in the fields they taught.

The education and training I received at the Alpha School was excellent and I went into the field immediately upon my certification.  Every year I take a continuing education class to expand and keep my skills current. When a client has an issue that requires increased personalization, I find a webinar that addresses it and incorporate what I learn as part of their service. I have been successful in resolving chronic problems as well as injuries from auto accidents and falls.

My goal is to provide professional, individualized service.To do this successfully, I’ve learned to not only listen, but hear, when my clients describe their physical challenges. Many physical issues have an emotional component that should be heard and acknowledged for effective management and healing.

Your health is your most important asset. Treat it as the investment it is, and reap the rewards with the physical wellbeing and happiness you deserve.

Mary Ann Walker, LMT

Mary Ann Walker